Innovation Management & Leadership Certification Programme


Innovation Management & Leadership Certification Programme (IMLEAP)


Boğaziçi University in collaboration with Siemens Healthineers, Turkey, has developed a unique certification program named Innovation Management & Leadership Certification Programme (IMLEAP), where Bogazici University acts as the "Siemens Academic Innovation Hub in Turkey" for students from all over world to jointly work on Innovation projects focusing on healthcare technologies. Healthcare is chosen as a topic due to its value to human life.

IMLEAP is jointly implemented by Boğaziçi University and Siemens. Boğaziçi University TTO is the responsible university office for the implementation of the program. Siemens Innovation Think Tank (ITT) Turkey is the responsible office at Siemens. Prof. Burak Acar from Boğaziçi University, Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department is the Academic Director of IMLEAP. The Program Director is Mr. Sultan Haider, Founder and Director of Siemens Healthcare Innovation Think Tank.

Following the success of past years, including the 1st prize awarded to IMLEAP 2016-2017 winners at IRLE 2017 (Erlangen, Germany), IMLEAP 2018-2019 has a revised programme, to improve the focus and productivity further. The whole programme will last for a week and will be held in Boğaziçi University. The focus is on the concepts of Health 4.0, namely the projects enhancing healthcare with an integrative approach that covers the lifespan of individuals, including services at medical institutions. The projects that put the patients (the service receivers) and healthcare professionnals at the heart of their approaches are encouraged. The accepted applicants will go through an in-class training, and join site visits. The teams formed at the beginning of the programme will work on their project proposals and solution approaches during a 1-day workshop. Each team will give a poster presentation on the last day and presentations will be evaluated by academicians and experts from the industry. The selected team will be supported by IRL@BOUN (Innovation Research Lab @ Boğaziçi University) to further develop their project throughout the academic year and will be sponsored by Siemens Healthineers TR to participate in eITT exhibition to be hosted by Siemens Healthineers in Erlangen, Germany, in July 2019. The whole programme is jointly supported by Boğaziçi University and Siemens Healthineers TR.

Boğaziçi University TTO and IRL@BOUN are responsible for running the programme in collaboration with Siemens Innovation Think Tank (ITT).