Finalists Have Been Determined For Innovation Management & Leadership Certification Programme (IMLEAP)

Boğaziçi University in collaboration with Siemens Healthineers, Turkey has developed a unique certification program that is Innovation Management & Leadership Certification Programme (IMLEAP) where Bogazici University acts as the "Siemens Academic Innovation Hub in Turkey" for students from all over world to jointly work on Innovation projects focusing healthcare technologies. Healthcare is chosen as a topic due to its value to human life. IMLEAP will start on 14 November 2016 and will continue until March 2017. Finalists  have been selected for IMLEAP. You may find the name of applicants in alphabetical order below. Please confirm your attendance by contacting Technology Transfer Office either through e-mail address or 0212 359 48 00 telephone line. The number of participants in IMLEAP will be 60 people. If there is available place, TTO will contact the applicants in the reserve list.