Sample Projects



Esmanur Yıldırım, Meltem Uçak, Yunus Emre Yücel, Rasime Sevgi Cenan


HealthVivor is a mobile application that provides an personalized health experience. It revitalizes health tracking with a mobile health assistant. By using the app, users can move their health histories and data across their mobile devices. Our aims are to get rid of the piles of the documents and to minimize data loss. HealthVivor can manually save your data as images or text according to a categorization of the data, chronologically. Hence, it allows users to create a periodic presentation of the complete treatment process. Also, the users are able to create multiple profiles  so that they can keep track of the health status of their family members, such as the elderly relatives who may have difficulty in using the application. Healthvivor also provides a reminder for the medication time that users can easily add to their profile just by scanning the barcode of the medicine. Further improvements in the pipeline include an personal health tracker device as a smartwatch that monitors the pulse rate, breath rate, fatique level, mood and blood pressure periodically and gives alert notifications to health personnel if detects anomalies. We are planning to adjust the product for nursing houses and occupational health departments, in both healthcare sector and private businesses.



Kerem Tekbıyıkoğlu, M.Turhan Canlı, Rukiye Numanoğlu, Safa Çorlu

NewAge Triage is a device that was designed to help emergency-room patients with the aim to minimize the waiting time before the triage period, reduce the workload of health personnel and easy self-measurement of vital signs (blood pressure, pulse, saturation and body temperature) by the patient. NewAge Triage system consists of sensors that measure blood pressure, pulse, saturation and body temperature. System also includes a printer unit for printing the results of these measurements. NewAge system is very easy to use. The patient places his/her arm on the designated area and the vital signs are automatically measured, a printout of the measurement is generated all in 30 seconds.