Sample Projects


Ayşema Koskos, Berk Yıldız, Ebru Aydemir, Özgün Özsoy

Yön-X is a multifunctional and multilingual (currently, English and Turkish) kiosk that has been designed to help patients navigate in a large hospital complex, with the aim to minimize the time loss for patients and to help hospital personnel improve patient satisfaction and quality of service towards a better hospital management. Yön-X system also includes an audio and visual navigation unit for the disabled, a printer unit for printing map with directions, a QR code reading unit for directing patients to the next destination, an associated mobile app with GUI, a feedback area for complaints and suggestions, and a list of pharmacies on duty.


Aybala Coşkun, Gazel Öner, Oğuz Kayhan,

Sergen Haydın, Umut Karadeniz

Crowd is one of the main problems in hospitals. Our system integrates indoor personnel tracking with procedures that patients undergo (ie patients admittance to departments/units). Departments are identified with respect to their positions in the hospital and personnel's are categorized according to their skills. The minimum personnel requirements of each department are tracked in real-time, as well as the personnel locations. The indoor positioning system used is robust against LAN failures. The system increases personnel efficiency, decreases costs and minimizes congestion in the hospital.


Betül Kaymaz, Beyza Paşaoğlu, Elif Tansu Öz,

Nefise Elif Çabuk, Sıla Sandık

The purpose of this project is to protect patients and radiology technicians from exposure of high-level radiation in and outside of the radiology rooms. We propose a radiation shielding/absorbing dye that will be produced by mixing domestic dye and radiation absorbing material which can reduce the energy of radiation to harmless energy levels. The material is a derivative of boron. It is cheaper and lighter than the lead which is currently used. The innovative dye can be easily applied to the walls, decreasing the shielding costs significantly.


Ahmet Sakal, Hatice Esra Kocapınar, İsmail Küçüker,

Nazlı Eser Kaya, Sertan Tek

The hot lab is where the radioactive solutions are prepared for nuclear medicine. All the processes are done manually and this causes the technician to be exposed to high levels of radiation. Hot Box transforms the hot lab into a self-contained closed system. With this project, all processes are going to be automated. The significant point is that the box is surrounded by lead not to emit any radiation to the surrounding. Also with exactly the same inputs we aimed to obtain more accurate outputs with higher safety standards and quality. In a nutshell, our aim in this project has been to improve human health! With an automated system the Hot Box ensures that it provides a certain quality for the output. Also by downscaling the size of the hot lab to a box it gets an extra plus.